Canoe Poling Weekend Kicks Off Today

I spent the last ten days in Nova Scotia, and it was a much needed break after a full spring and early summer. Lots of hiking around, plenty of wildlife and good food. Excited to get back into it this weekend with our canoe poling intensive. We’ve got a student signed up who’s planning a through paddle of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail next year, so we’ll be making sure to cover as much as we can about long term travel in a canoe with a paddle, pole and lining bridle.

I’m also excited to announce a new weeklong course on the schedule for this fall, and next summer. I’ve been wanting to run something like this for a while, and finally decided this was the time. The course is “The Handcrafted tool kit”. Students will start the week by making their own knife, then using that to build more tools that they can use for other projects, and culminating the week by carving a bush/self bow using only the tools they’ve built themselves. The fall session is open to anyone, but the one on the schedule for next summer is specifically for teens. You can find out more information about the course at the link below.

Really excited to try something new, and looking forward to seeing the awesome things people build on the course. Now to get back to it and put some boats in the water.

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