Canoe Paddling Weekend Wraps Up

Spent this weekend running our canoe paddling weekend intensive, and had a blast. We got the chance to paddle some interesting parts of the southern Vermont waterways, as well as talk in depth about scouting canoe routes for long term trips. It’s always fun to find new places to put a boat in the water, and I think we may have even found a few new spots for future students to practice scouting and running white water.

If you missed this weekends course, we have a few other programs coming up this summer. The first is geared towards learning how to effectively pole a canoe, a skill that really opens up a lot of otherwise unnavigable water, so whether you’re new to canoeing, or an experienced paddler who’s looking for a new skill to add to your trips, come enjoy a weekend of being out on the water and learning about our systems for wilderness canoe travel. Click the link below to learn more

Canoe Poling Intensive

The second weekend intensive is a canoe paddle carving course. Students will spend the weekend designing and carving their own paddle, and learn all about working with traditional hand tools to create something that will help them explore more waterways. Making and using your own kit is a powerful experience, and having the opportunity to help people do that is one of the most rewarding things we do here. Link to the program is below

Canoe Paddle Carving Course

You can register for all of these programs at the link below

Register Now

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