Spots Still Available For Canoe Paddle Carving And SOLO Certified First Aid Courses

Next weekend is our canoe paddle carving course. We’ll be covering everything from paddle design to tool use and sharpening and students will leave with their own custom canoe paddle they’ve made themselves. Carving your own paddle is a powerful experience, and being able to then take that paddle and go out on trips is one of the most rewarding things we do on our programs. Our process is simple. Students start with a softwood blank, decide on the design and style of paddle they want, and then rough it out with saw before starting the shaping process with a draw knife, spokeshave and rasp. This program is designed so that even someone with minimal woodworking experience can jump in and learn.

On September 3rd and 4th we’ll have Rick Swain of The SCROLL out with us to teach a SOLO certified wilderness first aid course. We encourage all of our students who spend time in the bush to get medical training of some kind, especially if their hoping to work as a guide, or take friends and family out in the backcountry with them. Even if you’re just going out on your own, having some basic wilderness first aid training is a must in my mind. It adds a level of confidence to your tool kit that is invaluable.

Both these courses still have some spots open, so get in touch soon to register. You can register at the buttons below.

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