Weaving Pack Baskets On The 2021-22 Friluftsliv Immersion Program

Great weekend on the friluftsliv program. Let me introduce you to “Lola”, the very curvaceous basket made by Cindy, one of the students on this years program.

I’ve taught pack basket making a couple of different ways, both on a mold and without one, And after this session I’m starting to lean towards always letting students make their first one without a mold. The ability that gives students to come up with interesting curves and shapes in their baskets has, In my opinion provided them with a chance to learn more about basket weaving.

If you start out with an idea in mind and have to figure out as you go how to shape the basket while you weave, rather than just focusing on keeping it tight to the mold, you start to understand a lot about the physics and friction I play during basket weaving, come up with creative ways to solve problems like managing excess material, and at the end of it have a basket that’s totally unique, while still being functional. We remember the things that we play, and are creative with, and I’d say the students on this program definitely got to play with the art of basket weaving.

For more information about our year long immersion program, check the link below.

The Friluftsliv Program

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