Registration For The Family Bushcraft Week 2022 Is Almost Full

One of our most popular courses each year is the family bushcraft week, and as usual it gets booked up pretty quickly. We’ve got two spots remaining for this year, so if you and your family are thinking about joining us for this years session register soon.

The Family Bushcraft week is a low-key variation of our adult weeklong courses designed as a fun family camping and learning experience. We’ll spend the week at the SOTF campus learning the skills of bushcraft and survival, as well as learning about the local ecology in the form of edible wild plants, tracks and sign, reading the weather, and the stars and night sky. In addition to the time spent learning, we’ll also make time for swimming, cooking over the fire and enjoying the pleasures of a simple, outdoor life.

You can find out more about the course at the course page below.

Family Bushcraft Week Course Page

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