Migratory Birds Are Starting To Arrive Here In Southern Vermont, And That Means Spring Is In Full Swing

Mergansers, Canada geese, redwing blackbirds are all back at weather head hollow, the lake we run a few of our canoe courses at. Feeling like spring.

I woke up around 4:00 this morning to head to the dairy farm I help out at during the winter. It was below freezing when I got there, but by the time I was done it had risen to a balmy 45°, And an absolute cacophony of bird calls I hadn’t heard in a while stopped me on my drive home to take some pictures. Kind of hoping that this time next week I’ll be able to put a boat in and get some better ones.

Lots of canoe related programs in the works for this year, you can find the ones that are already available at the links below, or keep checking back with us for some guided day trips and expeditions that we’ve got in the works.

Canoe Paddle Carving Course

Canoe Poling Course

Canoe Paddling Course

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