School Of The Forest Podcast Episode Twenty-Six; “Giving Death Well”: Talking about Spiritual, Thoughtful And Ethical Hunting Practices With Murphy Robinson Of Mountain Song Expeditions (Pt 1 Of 2)


In this episode, I’m joined by Murphy Robinson, who runs Mountainsong Expeditions here in Vermont.

Murphy and I talk about how they first got involved in working as a guide, what drew them to start Mountainsong, and how that’s developed since.
We also touch on the culture of hunting as it exists in modern North America, and how the programs at mountainsong offer a different approach for new hunters, specifically women, and marginalized genders, that they wouldn’t be able to find in a traditional hunters education course. We also touch on the issues of cultural appropriation in the outdoor industry, and a lot more.

The second half of our conversation will be live next week, and we talk about the specifics of Murphy’s guided hunting expeditions, and a lot more, so stay tuned.

Murphy’s Programs

Murphy’s Hunting e-course

Murphy’s Podcast

Writings from Murphy About Cultural Appropriation

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