Start Preparing For Canoe Season. Spring Is Here, And Open Water Will be Right Behind It.

In the last week we’ve been seeing all the signs of spring. The Robins showed up early last week, the broadwing hawks (A migratory species that forms large flocks or “Kettles” when they travel) arrived around the same time, and we were lucky enough to see a large group of them, and yesterday most of our snow started melting. That got me thinking about getting out in boats, and I wanted to share this video of one of our canoe poling trips last year.

Winter has been a blast, but we’re excited to get started with the spring Sessions of the friluftsliv program. Students will be starting on carving canoe paddles this weekend, with the intention of having them ready to start canoeing once it warms up a bit more. We’ll be spending time on some of the local waterways in preparation for the programs final trip to the North Maine woods this summer.

If you aren’t already enrolled in this years yearlong program, but want to get some training in poling and paddling a canoe, we’ve also got a weekend program for each of those skills, as well as a paddle carving course on the calendar for this summer. You can find links to all of these courses below.

Enjoy the spring thaw, and we’ll see you on the water soon.

Canoe Paddler Carving Course

Canoe Poling Weekend Course

Paddling Weekend Course

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