School Of The Forest Podcast Episode Twenty-Five; “The Slow Development Of A Greater Humility In The Travel Experience” Chatting With Bob Henderson About Arne Naess’ 1971 “Anti Expedition” (Pt.3 of 3)

Welcome to the last, and my favorite piece of my conversation with Bob Henderson. 

Bob and I talk about a mutual admiration for Arne Naess, and his “anti-expedition” to nepal, and how that sort of attitude to the outdoors changes the way people enjoy their time in nature. We go on to chat about Bob’s plans to continue that anti expedition with his own trip to Nepal, and I’ve got to say it sounds like one of the most rewarding and inspiring undertakings I’ve heard of in a while. 

Thanks again to Bob for coming on, And you can find the podcast at the link in our bio or wherever else you regularly listen to them.

 This stack of books, represents the better part of a decade of studying, Arne Naess, deep ecology, Friluftsliv And the work of my personal inspiration as a guide, Fridtjof Nansen. This copy of his writings about the “Fram Expedition” is likely my most prized possession, not just because of the writing itself and how much I admire Nansen’s approach to the outdoors and being a kind and competent leader, but because it was given as a Christmas gift in 1900 to someone who I like to imagine read it and dreamed about going on Expeditions the same way I do each time I reread it.

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