Ramblin’ And Rambling (Talking About Friluftsliv While Walking The Trails At The SOTF Campus)

Friluftsliv as a concept is baked into everything we do here at school of the forest, and on a walk with the dog I got thinking about my recent conversation with Bob Henderson, and why big trips are great, but don’t provide the same sense of belonging that simple daily outdoor practices are a better salve for the modern disconnect from nature.

For more about friluftsliv and why it’s so important to us, check out the conversation series with Bob Henderson mentioned in the video, and look at our year long Friluftsliv program at the links below.

School Of The Forest Podcast Episode Twenty-Three; “A Word Saturated In Values”. Talking About The Elusive Concept Of Friluftsliv, With Author, Outdoor Educator And Guide Bob Henderson (Pt.1 of 3)

The Frliuftsliv Yearlong Immersion Program

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