School Of The Forest Podcast Episode Twenty-Four Is Live; Talking About Friluftsliv With Author And Wilderness Guide Bob Henderson (Pt. 2 of 3)

We’re joined again this week by Bob Henderson, as we pick up our conversation from last week. In this section, Bob and I chat about his time in Norway, and some of the cultural differences he saw that influenced his approach to taking students into the outdoors.  Bob shares a lot of great insights and stories from his time in the bush, and it was a pleasure to chat with him. 

Bob is a writer, guide, and outdoor educator. Bob is the Editor and author of “Nature First; Outdoor Life The Friluftsliv Way”. This book is one of the cornerstones of my career and style as a guide and educator, and getting the chance to pick Bob’s brain about how he discovered friluftsliv and how it shaped his approach to guiding and “building an ambiance” for trips was an absolute pleasure. 

This is the second of three episodes that came of my conversation with Bob, so be sure to stay tuned for the other last episodes next week, where we chat about Arne Naess’ Anti Expedition in Nepal, how we’ve seen the philosophy of friluftlsiv create change in students, and a whole lot more. 

Bob’s Website

Bob’s Upcoming Book And Other Writing

Nature First; Outdoor Life The Friluftsliv Way (This Link is For Amazon, you can also contact Bob directly to order a copy if Amazon isn’t for you)

Wisdom In The Open Air

SOTF’s Friluftsliv Program

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