School Of The Forest Podcast Episode 20; “Parts That Would Otherwise Go To Waste” Off-grid Living, Taxidermy, And Wolfdogs With Naked And Afraid Star Sarah Bartell

We’re joined today by taxidermist, artist, and off-grid homesteader Sarah Bartell.

We chat about how we first crossed paths back in 2015 as part of the “vulture culture” movement online, their work with wolf/dog hybrids, time in Africa on Discovery’s “Naked and Afraid”, and their work as a taxidermy artist. We had a lot of fun talking about the challenges that come with off-grid living, the joys of being alone outdoors, and a whole lot more. Sarah is a pretty inspiring person and has built a life around their passion for outdoor living and being a part of the cycles of the natural world. If you enjoy the show you should definitely check out their work at the links below, and if you see their stall at any of the markets she frequents in the warmer months make sure to see what’s on offer.

Naturepunk (Instagram)

Sarah’s Facebook page

School Of The Forest’s website

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