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Outdoor Education Programs For Kids & Teens In NH And ME

At School Of The Forest we aim to offer an environment in which children and young adults can learn outdoor skills that they can use for a lifetime. Not only the basics of outdoor living but practical skills that can be applied to everyday life. Outdoor and practical education is a vital part of life that in recent years has been moved to the realm of “recreation”. In our programs, we hope to offer kids a chance to learn hands-on activities and skills that are not only enjoyable but also create a greater understanding of themselves and the world they live in.

School Of The Forest is the brainchild of Tim Smith, a world-renowned outdoorsman and educator. Tim has been running outdoor programs for adults for eighteen years at his field school,“Jack Mountain”, in northern Maine. Now we’re offering a version of those courses for kids and young adults. We’ll cover the basics of camping, canoeing, and outdoor living. At Jack Mountain you can expect to come away from a course with a deeper understanding of the necessary skills to be outdoors comfortably, as well as a great insight into how you as a person fit into the outdoors while you’re there.

An outdoor lifestyle often starts early in life with those who set alight that initial spark in someone. Those parents, teachers and mentors who love the natural world, and pass it on to those they meet. There have always been courses and camps that help youth find a passion and understanding for the outdoors, but often they focus on team building exercises, with the environment they take place in as a pleasant backdrop. Here at School Of The Forest, we aim to offer more. Not only a great time in the outdoors, but a chance to walk away from that time with a greater understanding of how they fit into it, and a skill base that will help them in whatever aspects of outdoor activity they enjoy. 

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