The Scroll And First Magnitude Are Partnering For A One Day Intro To Bushcraft Program

In all the time I’ve been doing this I’ve had the pleasure to work with a lot of really great people. One of the things that’s great for me is to see alumni from the programming I run go on to hang their own shingle and start running programs on their own. Two of those particular people have both started running programs in New Hampshire and are partnering to offer a one-day workshop. Adam Lougee and Rick Swain have both helped me out with programs in the past and have a ton to offer. I’m really excited to see them doing something so great, and hopefully some of you in the New Hampshire area get a chance to attend this course, because they put a lot of work and thought into how best to run the program. Here’s a link to the course page and a quick blurb from the course description.

Introduction to Bushcraft and Outdoor Survival Course Page

This one-day course is designed for anyone who has an interest in learning about bushcraft or survival in the outdoors. You will learn the basic requirements of human survival: Water, Shelter, Fire, and Food and how to meet these requirements with little to no gear. The bushcraft tools of the trade (knife, saw and axe) will be used to create a couple of projects like a spoon and bowl. Getting lost in the woods during a wet night and without a means of starting a fire can be a life-or-death situation, So, we place a heavy emphasis on making fire. You will learn several fire methods such as 1 match twig bundle, wet weather fire protocol, and ferro rods. This is a great opportunity to take the class solo, with your friends that you recreate with, or with your family. Students will also help prepare several delicious traditional dishes using open fire techniques with dutch and reflector ovens. Come join us on 40 acres of raw land in the beautiful foothills of the White Mountains and enjoy a full day of learning the skills necessary to survive in the wilderness for an extended time. This will be a fun and relaxing course that will be run in a safe and controlled manner by certified wilderness instructors. All costs include group gear and food for lunch.

Again, I can’t speak highly enough about Adam and Rick. You can find out more about both of them at their respective websites.

Adam Lougee runs first magnitude wilderness, A wilderness living program based in the White mountains of New Hampshire

Rick Swain runs TheScroll, in New Hampshire based wilderness first aid training program. I’ve put links to both those websites below, And you can learn more about the courses they offer there.

First Magnitude Wilderness Programs

The Scroll

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