Winter Living Experience With Cree First Nations Is On The Schedule For February 2023

It’s been too long.

After a few years of the pandemic canceling our yearly trip up to spend time with David and Anna Bosum, it looks like 2023 is going to be our first time back.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this is the most important trip I run. Spending time with David and Anna is a privelege, and getting to help other people get that experience is pretty special. This isn’t a course in the way our other programs are, we simply arrive and jump into whatever David and Anna are getting up to. On past trips we’ve helped scrape moosehides, carved snow shovels, put a giant fish net under the ice, and a whole lot more. David and Anna have been running their programs at Nuuhchimi Wiinuu for a long time, and they really bring something special to the experience with their openness and joy.

Here’s a link to quick video that David and Anna’s son Harry Bosum created on our last visit. It starts to touch on some the incredible things we’ve experienced up there.

Jack Mountain/ School Of The Forest Nuuchimi Wiinuu Trip Log

This trip fills up fast, and as it’s been a while since we’ve gone I anticipate it going even quicker this time. Get in touch soon if you’re interested. You can find more information about the trip here.

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