2021-22 Year Long Friluftsliv Program Comes To An End With Final Canoe Trip On The Allagash River

Another year long immersion program comes to an end.

We spent the last week out on the allagash river with the students from this years friluftsliv immersion program. Final culminating trips are different for every group, and that’s always the exciting part for me. The experience of taking what we’ve learned out on the trail tends to really highlight what students valued most from the year. This year’s group had a huge focus on cooking good food, and understanding wildlife ecology. What that translated to on our trip was spending our days paddling quietly and keeping an eye out for loons, moose and all the other wildlife that populates the allagash, and then wrapping up our days with meals like traditional Iranian style kebob and big Chinese noodle dishes with fresh mussels from the river.

It’s always sad to see a long term program like this come to an end, and it’ll be strange to not have the students from this years show up next month. However, I’m excited for a short break before the next session starts up in the fall.

You can find more information about the upcoming courses below, and keep an eye out for more photos and videos from our trip. It was a beautiful week out, and we had a blast running rapids and enjoying the time we had out.

The Year Long “Friluftsliv Program” Wilderness Skills Immersion

Canoe Paddling Weekend Course

Canoe Poling Weekend Course

Paddle Carving Course

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