School Of The Forest Podcast Episode Nineteen Is Live; “An Apprentice To Language”: Chatting With Writer, Wilderness Fasting Guide And Craftsman Tom Hirons (Part Two)

School Of The Forest Podcast Episode 19

In the second half of my conversation with Tom we get into the nitty-gritty of the natural world influencing art, the value of going out and being alone in the wilderness, and how that experience should be framed for greater results. This portion of the conversation references the first half fairly often, so if you haven’t listened to the first half I recommend doing that first. You can listen above, on our podcast page, or wherever you usually listen to podcasts.

This conversation touched on a lot of topics that are important to SOTF’s educational philosophy and it was an absolute pleasure to talk with Tom about his plans for future wilderness fast programs he’ll be running. Thanks for listening.

Tom’s Website

“The Worship Of Place” Poem

Hedgespoken Press

The Feral Angels Of Poetry, Tom’s online writing, and poetry workshops

Trickster Makes This World 

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