Learning About Hot Tents and Woodstoves On The Winter Season Of The Friluftsliv Program In Vermont

The first of our three winter sessions for the Friluftsliv program in Vermont was this weekend. Students got to work on crafts in a warm canvas tent, learn a lot about the basics of living outdoors in The Northeast during the winter, get their first taste of the systems we use for backcountry travel in the wintertime and prepare for next month when they’ll be learning about building long term and emergency winter shelters. We got a solid three-quarters of an inch of rain yesterday.

Cooking On A Woodstove In A Variety Of Ways

Students got some solid practice at managing a tent stove for heat and cooking, as well as a chance to practice wet weather fire in a genuine downpour. Lots of success and plenty of time to appreciate having a warm dry place on a wet winter day. Spending today finishing up bows and enjoying the sun after being stuck in the wall tent all day yesterday.

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