Family Bushcraft Week

Course Info
· Dates: 8/5-8/11, 2018
· Max. Size: 12
· Tuition: $150-300



Wilderness Camping And Living Skills For Families.

Looking for something a little different for your family vacation? School Of The Forest is excited to bring back this old favorite from the Jack Mountain folk school.

During this low key version of the Jack Mountain “Summer Woodsman” program parents and kids will spend a week at the Jack Mountain field school in northern Maine, learning about camp life, basic outdoor skills, local ecology and a whole lot more.

Not only will participating families get the opportunity to learn about the outdoors in a hands on way, they’ll also get the opportunity to experience the joy of simple living for a week. More and more in our world, we’re moving away from time with our families, and the time we do spend with them tends to revolve around the entertainment of some form. In this weeklong course, families will get the chance to work together on projects like building a shelter large enough for everyone to sleep in, cooking large group meals as a team, and getting a hands on insight into ecology from a wide range of age groups.

School Of The Forest and Jack Mountain are firm believers in families and communities getting outside more often, and this weeklong course will send everyone, no matter the age, home with a set of skills that will make the outdoors something the whole family can enjoy for a lifetime.

Topics covered include:

  • Wilderness survival 101
  • Introduction to Bushcraft
  • Fire making
  • Bushcraft tool use (Axe, knife,saw, and their maintenance
  • Safe knife use and carving
  • Shelter building and theory
  • Open fire cooking
  • Cordage
  • Introduction to field ecology
  • Optional final night of spending the night in a shelter you construct.

So come out for a week and enjoy spending time as a family swimming, cooking over an open fire and enjoying the pleasures of a simple outdoor life.


If you have questions about the course, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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