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Introductory Courses For Outdoor Living

Learning about the ecosystem you inhabit is important. We want to make that experience accessible to anyone, not just folks who can participate in our long term intensives like the FFP. We offer a range of shorter programs at our SOTF campus in southern Vermont. These programs are built with the intention of allowing more people to participate in the natural world and pass on the systems we use so that they can continue that learning experience when they go home. These courses will range from a few hours in the woods, to overnights that allow people to spend a little time enjoying the natural world. They are also open to all ages, as we believe that a passion for the outdoors starts early. However, for some of the programs, students under eighteen must be accompanied by an adult.

These programs are built with the intention of helping people rediscover their place in nature. So much of the modern outdoor industry is focused on skills and how intense an experience you can have while on the land. We adhere to the principles of “friluftsliv”, a Scandinavian term that is very close to our hearts here at SOTF. This concept revolves around the idea that a life lived in nature doesn’t have to be extreme to be worthwhile. For more information about Friluftsliv check out this podcast episode in which we discuss the concept.

So come join us for an experience using traditional skills, on the land.

You can find a full list of the programs we offer below. Check our calendar for dates and times

· Art & Science Of Fire
· Axemanship
· The Saw
· Cordage, Rope & Knots
· Navigation
· Knife Skills & Sharpening
· Shelter Simplified


· Wilderness Survival Simplified
· Winter Survival In The North Woods
· Summer Survival


· Trees In Winter
· Common Plants & Their Uses
· Stars & The Night Sky
· Becoming Weather Wise
· Mammals & Their Tracks
· Winter Ecology


· Camp Crafts
· Pack Baskets
· Half-Round Baskets
· Make Your Own Bow
· Projectiles For Fun
· Paddle Carving
· Bucksaws
· Fish Nets & Hammocks
· Mocotaugan: Knifemaking Simplified

· Paddling Clinic
· Safety & Rescue
· Intro To Poling
· Poling In Whitewater


· Intro To Snowshoeing
· DIY Snowshoes
· Toboggans & Sleds
· Intro To Hot Tent Camping

· Campfire Cooking
· Dutch Oven Cooking
· Reflector Oven Baking
· Primitive Cooking
· Thermal Cooking
· Sourdough Workshop
· Home Winemaking


· The Resilient Home & Homestead
· Humanure Composting
· DIY Rocket Stove For Cooking

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