Rules And Common Practices For The SOTF Campus And JMB Field School

Respect for Other Students And Instructors

  1. Dry and drug free campus
  2. Respect Group Space; don’t leave gear or personal items in high traffic areas.
  3. Quiet hours; 10 pm-8 am
  4. Keep group cook area clean and organized, a lot of students show up with similar gear, and it’s easy for things to get misplaced or mixed up if we don’t keep track of it.
  5. Music; headphones only. We understand that people like to play music after hours or while working on projects, but please be cognizant that some people come to our courses to enjoy time away from the modern world.  
  6. The Library is a study space, please respect that. This means no food or drink in library, and keep the library quiet
  7. Cars are only to be parked in the parking lot. People can drop off food, gear, etc., at Moose Vegas (now that the road is fixed). It is pick-up, drop-off only at Moose Vegas. Do not park, do not leave your car there ever. (Maybe we need a ten minute window per day for cars in Moose Vegas)
  8. Smoking is only allowed in two places on campus: in the parking lot and in the Moose Vegas turnaround. Cigarettes are strongly discouraged. If we have to pick up a single cigarette but, cigarettes will be banned. Learn to smoke a pipe, or some other method where no one has to pick up after you.
  9. Phones as a distraction – airplane mode during class time.
  10. No edged tools after dark

Respect For The Land

  1. Overnight camping away from designated camping areas on field school grounds is not allowed. We don’t want to have 10 small camps around the property. It interrupts the routines of wildlife.
  2. Microtrash. Pick up after yourself. Be aware of the trash you generate and don’t leave it laying around.
  3. No soap or other hygiene products in the pond or river, even if marked biodegradable
  4. If you don’t know how an on-campus system such as the composting toilets, laundry, etc works, just ask. We’d much rather take the time to fill you in than have the systems we use get mismanaged.



The Golden Rule: Think about what you’re doing and the impact it will have on other people and the land.

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