Changes To Our Year Long Friluftsliv Program, And Full Date Listing

Students can still sign up for the whole program, and only those that attend all three of the other sessions will be able to attend the final summer session trip to northern Maine. However, if you can’t attend the whole program, then you can pick a season and sign up for the three sessions it contains. Students who’ve taken all three sessions, but not within the same year can attend the final summer session. The summer session will focus entirely on canoeing, and because of that requires students to have taken all of the other sessions to participate, so that they already have the skillset for camp life and can focus entirely on canoe skills while at the Jack Mountain field school in maine.

Each season will be focused on the projects and nature studies that coincide with that time of year. For example, the fall session will be heavily focused on wild foods, and putting those up for winter. This allows students to see in real-time the patterns of outdoor activities and wildlife that coincide with the shifting seasons. The Topics listed for each session are the big projects for that weekend, but each weekend will have other projects and skills that have parallels with the main topic. There will also be cross-over in all the sessions on certain topics, such as cooking, axe etc as those are the skills that allow us to accomplish the other specific topics.  So, go ahead and read through the sessions listed below, and see which one you’d like to join us for, or go ahead and sign up for the whole year. We’re looking forward to having more of you out with us. 

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Autumn Session

October 8th-10th; Fire, Knife, Axe, introduction to plant ID

November 12th-14th; Shoulder Season Shelter Building, Fire By Friction

December 10th-12th; Bow making, Dead fall traps. 


Winter Session

January 14th-16th; Crafting with hand tools and fire (making burned bowls and spoons, stock reduction knife making)

February 11th-13th; Winter shelter building and open fire shelter overnight

March 11th-13th; Packbasket making, field-expedient snowshoes, and winter tracking


Spring Session

April 1st-3rd; carving canoe paddles, making natural cordage

May 13th-15th; Introduction to paddling and canoeing knots

June 17th-19th; Introduction to poling and reading moving water

Two Week Summer Session (Open only to students who have taken all three previous sessions) 

July 9th-23rd; Living out of a canoe. Students will spend a week at the Jack Mountain Bushcraft Schools campus in northern Maine learning the skills that go into long term river trips, then another week on a remote river trip, making those skills their own through repetition

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