School Of The Forest Podcast Episode Thirteen; Educational Captive Mammals, Opossum Ecology And Southern Vermont Natural History Museum News With Director Mike Clough

This episode features our first returning guest. Mike Clough from the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum is back to talk about the newest edition to the museum’s educational animals. There are now live Virginia Opposum’s at the museum, and they’re part of a pilot program for the state of Vermont, exploring the possibilities of museums and nature centers keeping nonreleasable native mammals for educational purposes. The opossums are unreleasable in the wild, so the museum uses them to show that wild animals are decidedly NOT pets while allowing visitors to interact with them face to face. Mike and I talk about the reasoning behind the experiment, how the Opossums ended up in our care, and a whole lot of interesting ecology as well. We also get into the benefits of live animal interactions for education and work going into expanding the museum in the future. It was a great conversation, I hope you enjoy it.


Southern Vermont Natural History Museum

Blog Post About The Opossums

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