Open Fire Winter Overnight Mini Documentary

This minidocumentary walks through the 2020-2021 Friluftsliv Forest Program students’ experience as they prepare for, and participate in their “halfway point” culminating exercise. Students on the FFP take part in a winter overnight, with only a fire and shelter they’ve built to stay warm. This experience shows the students how far they’ve come over the last six months, and lets them know where there’s room for improvement over the next half of the program before our final two-week trip in the North Maine woods. The open fire exercise is one that brings a sense of growth. It’s exhausting, not only from spending the day putting up firewood but from spending the night catching bits of sleep here and there between keeping the fire fed. The morning that brings the end of the exercise, no matter how many nights it’s gone for, is always greeted with tired smiles and a sense of accomplishment. It’s a powerful experience to be out in temperatures below freezing, with minimal gear, and have the knowledge and skill to manage it. A hearty congratulations to the students on this year’s FFP for taking that on.

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