School Of The Forest Podcast Episode Eleven; Wild Food, Foraging And Poetry With Jenna Rozelle

In this episode, we chat with Jenna Rozelle. Jenna is a  homesteader, professional forager, and member of Back Country Hunters and Anglers. Through all of her work she aims to bring people to a place of greater understanding about the ecosystems they inhabit, and as we discuss in the podcast, brings a sense of art and poetry to these pursuits. Jenna also works as an educator, running wild food walks, and consulting with individuals and restaurants on how to bring more locally gathered wild food into their everyday lives and businesses. We covered a lot of interesting topics, and I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.


Jenna’s Website

Jenna’s Outdoors Inspired Poetry

Arthur Haine’s Website

Back Country Hunters And Anglers

Boar Cave Painting

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