Teen “Tech Free” Expedition

Course Info
· Dates:6/9-6/22 2019
· Max. Size: 8
. Ages: 15-18
· Tuition: $1200



Teen “Tech-Free” Expedition



In the last few years, we’ve seen the preliminary results of studies on the effects of technology and social media on youth. Both aspects have great potential as tools, but when overused have the potential to cause a lot of stress, particularly in young people. These thoughts are the basis for this course offered by School Of The Forest. We’re offering this two-week canoe expedition in the North Maine woods as an antidote to these problems. In this course, students will learn about camp life and the basics of canoeing at our field school, before setting off on a trip down the river. All of our courses touch on the “Self” aspect of our educational philosophy, but this one, in particular, will focus on it in depth. Students will be required to keep phones in airplane mode while at the field school, and once we’re on the river we’ll be beyond the reach of cell signals. Students will keep in-depth journals about their day to day experiences, as well as keeping a record of food and water intake. They’ll take part in “Sit spot” exercises each morning, help with cooking their own meals and build shelters for themselves. All of this sounds daunting, but this once in a lifetime experience will provide a solid basis of skills for outdoor living and a relaxing time away from the everyday buzz of technology that’s part of young people’s lives in the modern world.

Intended Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate skill proficiency and experience in a wide variety of outdoor skills, including fire, shelter, outdoor cooking, observational weather forecasting, carving, basketry, cordage and natural bindings, navigation, and the safe and efficient use of the axe, saw, and knife.
2. Have a working knowledge of basic, wilderness survival.
3. Assemble and maintain a tool kit with which they can make a variety of different crafts.
4. Navigate by map and compass, and also by using barehand methods.
5. Build a strong foundation of nature knowledge about the weather, plants, the stars and constellations, mammals and their tracks, fish, etc.
6. Have a basic knowledge of edible, medicinal, and otherwise useful wild plants.
7. Document progress with individual skills in their logbook.
8. Increased knowledge of individual needs relating to food, comfortable sleeping, etc.

The program includes access to the staple foods we keep at camp. We’ll also provide a gear list and trip itinerary for everyone when they sign up.



This is a once in a lifetime experience, and our hope is that anyone taking it will leave with a passion for the outdoors, and an improved understanding of the need to unplug every once in a while.


For more information about the philosophy behind these courses, here are a few articles on the Jack Mountain Blog about the value of getting kids outside early in life. These are constantly being written, so check in as the course gets closer for more insight into our teaching philosophy.

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Travel Information and Directions:   Travel information is located here. After you register you will receive local driving directions to our site.

Arrival and Departure:   Plan to arrive on sunday afternoon, between 4 and 6. We’ll have dinner, a group introduction and a tour of the grounds starting at 6. The course is over on Friday at 4 PM.

Accommodations:   Bring a tent, tarp, or other shelter. It will be your home for the week. For summer programs please consider bringing a bug net if you don’t have noseeum netting on your tent. There are also cabins available through Blackwater Outfitters, located five minutes away. They can be reached at: 207-540-4101.

Meals:   Information on food and meals at the field school is located at About The Field School: Food.

Cancellation and Refund Policies:   Please visit our School Policies page for information on all of our policies.

What is included with the tuition:   Included in the tuition are all camping fees, group food, instruction, and group gear.

What is not included with the tuition:   Not included with the tuition are personal gear, items from town and any food or meals other than the group bulk foods provided.

Course Insurance:   Adventure travel and wilderness education are not inexpensive, and anything can happen when we’re in the bush. We recommend that all participants have medical insurance. We also recommend you protect your investment with travel insurance for trips and tuition insurance for courses.

Tobacco:   Smoking is not permitted in or near any buildings. All cigarette butts are to be placed into the metal can provided.

Vehicles and Parking:  We’re located .6 miles down a gravel road. During the winter and spring the road can be impassable for 2-wheel drive vehicles, and sometimes for any vehicles other than snow machines.

Telephone: We don’t have a phone or electricity. If you need to be in constant phone contact please consider bringing a cell phone, and if you need to charge a phone (or other electronic device), please look into getting a charger or bringing extra batteries.

Other: Please don’t bring any pets or illegal drugs.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We reserve the right to include or omit any of the course topics listed due to class interest, availability of materials, inclement weather, or other factor that makes them impractical or unsafe.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions!


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