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At School Of The Forest we aim to offer an environment in which children and young adults can learn outdoor skills that they can use for a lifetime. Not only the basics of outdoor living, but practical skills that can be applied to everyday life. Outdoor education is a vital part of life that in recent years has been moved to the realm of “recreation”. In our programs we hope to offer kids a chance to learn hands on activities and skills that are not only enjoyable, but also create a greater understanding of themselves and the world they live in.
School Of The Forest is the brainchild of Tim Smith, a world renowned outdoorsman and educator. Tim has been running outdoor programs for adults for eighteen years at his field school ,“Jack Mountain”, in northern Maine. Now we’re offering a version of those courses for kids and young adults. We’ll cover the basics of camping, canoeing, and outdoor living. At Jack mountain you can expect to come away from a course with a deeper understanding of the necessary skills to be outdoors comfortably, as well as a great insight into how you as a person fit into the outdoors while you’re there.

We hope to help a younger generation learn this early on, and be outfitted with the skills that make an outdoors lifestyle one they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

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· JM Outfitters – Gear From The World’s Smallest Outfitter

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