Short Winter Programs On The Schedule For 2020

News from the School Of The Forest Campus in southern VT. We’re adding a slew of one-day programming to our calendar for the winter 2020 season. These programs are geared towards the local community in Brattleboro but are open to anyone who wants to (in accordance with whatever the current covid-19 guidelines are) make the trip to our campus and spend the day with us.

This upcoming season looks like it’s going to be a hard one. People will be stir-crazy, and as the weather gets colder they’ll have fewer options for ways to pass the time. We want to provide folks with two things on these courses. The first is an experience in the natural world that will make them feel more at home in the place they live. As people have less opportunity to spend time in indoor settings, the natural world offers a plethora of ways to engage with the world. Knowing more about the environment you’re spending time in makes that experience so much richer, and we aim to help people have that rich experience. The second is a set of skills and systems that make people more resilient. Not in a survivalist sense, but in knowing how to live simply without infrastructure, and keep your mind occupied with handcrafts and nature observation.

The programming available ranges from courses on safe and effective axe use, hand crafts like carving your own canoe paddle, and a huge focus on naturalist studies. We hope that anyone who comes on these courses walks aways with a greater skillset and knowledge base to help them through a world full of uncertainty. We as an organization can’t fix the problems that our world is coping with, but we can at the very least offer something to let people find a little joy in their own backyard.

For a list of the courses that will be available check the link below, and be sure to keep an eye on our calendar, as we’ll be adding new program sessions to it over the next few weeks.

School Of The Forest Weekend Programming

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