Winter Living Trip With The Cree 2020 Almost Full

We had another signup this week for our Winter Living With The Cree trip that’s scheduled for March. That brings us up to eight people, two away from our trip max. If you’re interested in learning about life on the land in a northern boreal setting, from people who’ve been living it their whole lives, this is the trip to do it on. David and Anna Bosum will be our guides, and they have a wealth of knowledge that can only be gained through a lifetime spent interacting with the land. This isn’t a course but is certainly an opportunity to learn an immense amount about simple living in winter. As David puts it “Come with us and experience how we live.” If you join us on the program you can expect to take part in running a trap line, seeing how traditional clothing and tools for living in winter are made, snowshoeing across seemingly endless frozen lakes, and tasting food taken from the land. Its an experience I’m personally grateful to have every time I go, and I can honestly promise you’ll feel the same. Hope to see some of you there.


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