Winter Projects Help Prepare For Upcoming Bushcraft Semesters And Field Based Education Programs

Winter in the north east means lots of time by the woodstove doing maintenance on gear for the rest of my year. The canoe I use is a pre world war two EM White, and the seats finally gave out over our last semester. It’s nice to sit and fix them up while thinking about being on the water one the ice goes out.

We’ve got a lot going on in 2020, including a new version of our canoe expedition, specifically for highschool students looking to get college credit. It’s great to be able to offer the kind of program I wish had been available when I was in college. Learning practical skills, crafts and ways of studying the natural world, all while living IN that environment you’re learning about. Winter maintenance projects are a great opportunity to dwell on the upcoming year, and be grateful to have the chance to share and pass on an outdoor lifestyle to the next generation.

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