SOTF Partnering With New Hampton School For Bushcraft And Survival Weeklong Program

In the first week of March School Of The Forest will be teaming up with the staff of New Hampton School in New Hampshire to teach a group of students outdoor living skills. The skills and topics covered were selected by the students, and it’s been really fun to see what catches their attention and interest.

This week will cover everything from making bush bows and field expedient snowshoes to the basic necessities of shelter building and will culminate with a night in front of an open line fire.

These sort of week-long bushcraft programs are a great introduction to outdoor living and provide students with an opportunity to see that winter doesn’t have to be a time when you have to hole up by the stove. There’s so much to do in the natural world in winter, and we’re excited to be a part of helping a group of young people discover the ins and outs of living well with a few simple tools when the ground is covered in snow.

If your school is interested in a similar program, get in touch with us. We’d relly enjoy helping your students get a hands on look at the natural world.

New Hampton School

School of The Forest Classroom Programs

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